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Holding Space Carddeck – English edition

 28,50 incl. BTW

A picture says more than a 1000 words!

This Holding Space card set contains 50 surprising photo cards with texts on the back that give meaning to important conditions that are necessary to create Holding Space.

The cards provide insight into how you can create a safe conversation space where your conversation partner really feels heard and seen, while at the same time keeping Holding Space to yourself. It gives you ideas on how to create space for personal growth and development, where vulnerability and bravery can simply be there.

The photos on these cards have catchy, simple images, so you can quickly associate, and your power for image thinking is used. Are you more set on texts? Then you use the other side of the card. You can also associate with the (systemic) texts you find there. The combination of powerful graphics on one side of the cards and lines of text depicting key elements of Holding Space on the other make this set so unique. By choosing a card you come to new thoughts. Emotions and uncomfortable situations that may be difficult to discuss can be made immediately visible by using the photo or the text side.

The enclosed manual describes the different application possibilities for the various occasions.

Examples of the texts on the back of the photo cards:

Holding Space is:

  • that I am able to say that I’m not sure at the moment.
  • that I dare to make the invisible visible.
  • that I transform my vulnerability into strength.
  • that I can determine my own path.
  • that everyone is invited to join.

Suitable for general use for coaches, supervisors, teachers, trainers, personal guidance. Due to the size of the images and the number of images, certainly suitable for larger groups.

This Holding Space card set is inspired by the wisdom of Heather Plett, Brené Brown, Amy C. Edmondson, Otto Scharmer and Jan Jacob Stam, among others. The many teams that Annelies Meijers has supervised in recent years are also a valuable source of inspiration.

This card set is intended as a starting point for a valuable, in-depth and perhaps vulnerable conversation. It can be a flywheel for change in teams and during conversations where space is created for themes around (psychological) safety and “Brave Space”.

Number of cards
50 cards

2.6″ x 3.9″ (portrait)

double sided full color printed cards with rounded corners

cardboard box with lid

manual with various working methods (to be used in small and large groups and during an individual conversation)